St. Luke’s News

Guild Members,
The Ontario Divisional Court released its decision today in our joint challenge to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario on conscience rights policies. You may download the decision. See links here:
In short, the Court found that the rights of religious freedom of Ontario doctors are significantly violated by the CPSO’s policies, but that those violations can be justified to ensure patient access to healthcare. The “salutary effects” of patient access outweigh the “deleterious effects” which are the affirmed harms experienced by our doctors who feel that they cannot participate in these procedures via referral or otherwise.
We are very disappointed with this ruling. We are the only jurisdiction in the world that requires an effective referral. This decision could affect all doctors in Canada. All people of faith should be very concerned about their right to freedom of religion and conscience.
All parties will now discuss the next course of action. We will keep you informed.
Guild Members:
The two links below are a summary explanation of the “Referrals, Assessments and Transfers When Assisted Death is Required”. Also attached is the letter written by Neil MacCarthy and Larry Worthen inviting us, as a Federation and independent Guilds, to endorse and which will be then distributed to MPPs.

ATTENTION Bioethics and Christian Theology AG colleagues,

For the past six summers, Chris Tollefsen and Farr Curlin have taught a one-week seminar titled, “Medical Ethics: A Natural Law Perspective”, sponsored by the Witherspoon Institute. The seminar is held on the campus of Princeton University.
The Witherspoon Institute underwrites the Seminar and provides housing and food throughout the week. The only cost is $200 to register.